What I’m Doing

Well, that’s a good question. Truth is I’m not sure, and that’s the adventure of it. What I know as of March 19, 2018  I’m a full-time nomad. I have the first few steps planned out, spending time on some personal goals and spending more time in countries I fell in love with over the past two years while living in Dubai. Here’s the itinerary, as of now:

  1. March 20-25: Kerala, India
  2. March 25-31: Sri Lanka
  3. April 1-27: Rishikesh India for Yoga Teacher Certification course
  4. April 27-May 2: Uzbekistan (See “The 7 Stans Goal” for more on this adventure)
  5. May 3-13: Lebanon – FAVORITE country
  6. May 14+: TBD, but it will definitely include a lot of time in Spain
  7. July: Oklahoma! Spending the month with my family who I haven’t seen in almost a year, cannot wait to see them 🙂

After July, who knows…comment with your ideas ♥

How’d I get here?

The short: I’m a 31 year old girl from Oklahoma, living and working in Dubai as a Project Director for a healthcare software company. I quit my job and decided on doing a yoga teacher training and traveling because I want to focus more on a having a purposeful peace of mind.

A little more: About three years ago, living in Madison, Wisconsin, I was stuck. In the cold, at a job I was bored with, got my heart broken – won’t go into it, unnecessary distraction from the purpose here 😉 – lost a best friend to cancer – fuck cancer – and you can say things were rough – understatement. Then my life shook up a bit, I moved to Dubai to take over a project with the Dubai Government healthcare system. The first 6 months are basically a blur, I was in a pretty dark, confused place. But the people around me at work and new friends in Dubai, the travel, weather, experiencing new things, started to get me back to being me. With that project wrapped up, I am dedicated to keep that momentum going, getting the dark times behind me and moving forward with the happiness, but with this trip, focusing on how to make that a state of mind, not just an emotion that comes and goes.


3 thoughts on “What I’m Doing

  1. YES – I cannot wait to follow you. You are so brave and such an inspiration. I know I have told you this before but you are my spirit animal. I hope someday I’m as brave, smart, adventurous, etc. as you are!

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