Adventure with Aly: Lebanon

I often get asked, “where is your favorite place you’ve been?” Lebanon. My #1 favorite country in the world (that I’ve visited, so out of 57 countries, Lebanon #1). WHY? Vibe. Beirut is the main spot, but there’s also so much outside the capital. Lebanon is Mediterranean and so you get that crystal blue water, […]

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Stan #6: Uzbekistan!

Here’s the scene: I am sitting on top of my Patagonia backpack, on the floor, in a small little ticketing room, in the New Delhi Airport, cracking up at this little situation I’m in. They won’t let me in the main doors of the airport. My Uzbekistan Airways ticket confirmation email says my departure flight […]

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Elephant Freedom Project

While hiking Adam’s Peak was the bucket list item for me in Sri Lanka, my day at the Elephant Freedom Project should be on everyone’s list when visiting Sri Lanka! One of my goals while traveling is to spend some “karma yoga” time in the country (definition:  Karma yoga can be applied to everything you […]

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